David Urankar first drew attention with the campaign for Mura collection 2008/09. The following projects included major clients, such as Adidas, Austrian Airlines, Men's Health, Intersport, Remington, Cafe Meinl, Kuhn Ma├čkonfektionen, Aquafresh, Hofburg Wien, Vienna Millennium City, ... In February 2009, he appeared on the cover of Slovenian Men's Health magazine. From the very beginning of modeling in Slovenia, he is part of the Bronzmodels agency, in Vienna (Austria), he is represented by the agency Stellamodels, while Urban Model Management represents him in Milan, Italy. For direct booking, send an E-mail to info@davidurankar.com or contact agency.

David first appeared on Slovenian national television in 2008, where he began as the host of national lottery game Zrebanje Deteljice. Soon after, he became a permanent member and host of the national morning show Dobro jutro. Amongst other shows on the national television, he can be seen in TV Lab and Migajte z nami.

In 2012, lured by the radio world, he joined Radio Antena, where he worked as a moderator.

Athlete at heart, former Slovenian national team member in track & field and the first Slovenian bobsleigh driver, he leaves no minutes wasted.


height: 184 / 6
bust: 98 / 38
waist: 77 / 30
hips: 100 / 39

size: 50 / 40
shoes: 44 / 11
hair: brown
eyes: hazel

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